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Worldwide sales take Synectic Back to School

It’s often said that you only stop learning when you are 6 feet under, and this September everyone in the Synectic offices felt a definite affinity for those returning to education at the end of the summer vacation. For us, September was definitely “Back to School”, as we shipped our products to over 10 countries […]

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Synectic team up for Hollywood blockbuster

There was great excitement in the Synectic offices when an order for Warner Bros. studios arrived this month. All it said on the order details was “SFX”. That’s Special Effects for those not up to date with film jargon. This was enough for us to want to know more, leading to a phone call to […]

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Is it me or is DSR everywhere these days

Demand side response seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Whether it’s documentaries predicting a future where smart cars feed energy back to the grid or seminars at MMU aiming to persuade community groups and local authorities to install solar panels and wind farms, with a view to feeding/selling the energy back to help […]

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