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Is it me or is DSR everywhere these days

Demand side response seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Whether it’s documentaries predicting a future where smart cars feed energy back to the grid or seminars at MMU aiming to persuade community groups and local authorities to install solar panels and wind farms, with a view to feeding/selling the energy back to help […]

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Large industrial LED Weight displays – A collaborative solution

Synectic Electronics are delighted to be working with RGB technology to produce a range of large industrial LED weight displays. Synectic’s weighing instrumentation is second to none. Combined with the RGB LED indicators they create a simple solution that delivers accurate Strain gauge indication. ”When first we saw the RGB weighing range we thought they […]

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SY036 Digital load cell amplifier

The SY036 Digital load cell amplifier converts millivolt signals from between 1 and 4 load cells and outputs the measurement data via a serial communication protocol.  RS232 and RS485 comms can be linked directly to a display or to a computer.  The captured data measurements can be displayed as a live graph or or in […]

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