COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer,

As the UK lifts its restrictions in relation to Covid-19 Synectic is continuing to proceed with caution. Staff members have been affected by Covid but we have managed not to have it affecting the whole team at one time by our continued vigilance.

Product Supply

Our own Synectic factory is fully working and are putting in extra hours in order to prepare products as soon as possible for deliveries although our 3-5 day normal turn around period, while being aimed for, cannot be guaranteed.  Supply chains are a challenge but we have managed to maintain a good supplies of raw materials and components. Almost all of the instruments we sell are produced in-house.


While the situation is very fluid at the moment, and most public travel across borders has stopped, freight is still moving – although with some delays for driver testing. Our logistics partners are UK mail for domestic (UK)  shipments and DHL for international shipments. They are monitoring the situation and keeping us informed.  We have the ability to switch carriers where any issues arise and it is practical to do so

Future Government Enforced Closures

Should the government find it necessary to order everybody to stay home (except for medical and food supplies), we have put in place measures for all key staff to work remotely. Our phone system and business systems are cloud-based so we would be able to answer your enquiries, even though we would not be able to ship goods at that time. This means we would be ready to resume normal business once the government lifted the order.   If you need to discuss anything call and Alistair, Donna or Adrienne will be happy to help you.   Tel; +44 1204 819021 email

Thank you for your commitment to us as your measurement instrument supplier. We hope you, your colleagues and families stay well.  

Yours sincerely,
Adrienne Tonge
Operations manager
Synectic Design Ltd. 

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