Elf and safety

Christmas Elf and safety

Elf and safety above at Christmas No not Santa’s sleigh as it speeds through the sky delivering All those presents, but at Pantomimes, Carol singing, concerts and Festive entertainment! You will not think how the lighting, scenery, audio, video and special effects are suspended above and around you, let alone how the stage area is a mass of gantry’s and cradles… Here at Synectic we have regular customers who use our load cell strain gauges to ensure the safety of those below with system integrity that allows the static and temporary rigging units to work in unison to lift and position all the equipment simultaneously within the safe boundaries of set loads. Our systems are paramount to safety each one bespoke for the task in hand providing a cost effective solution for the stage rigging, lighting and sound requirements of a very Safety conscious entertainment events industry.
So if you are in a Theatre, Performing art, School, Sports stadium, Convention centre, Auditorium,  then our products could be keeping you and the performers SAFE.
So it’s not just the performance you’re applauding!  Merry Safe Christmas’. 

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