Environmental Policy

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The company manufactures instruments to measure weight and monitor the flow of liquids which in many instances will assist companies to fulfill their obligations in caring for the environment.

We are committed to respecting and protecting the environment and shall continually improve our performance.

We are totally committed to carry out all our activities in line with the requirements of ISO 14001.

We shall:

Comply with all relevant environmental legislation

Establish and review environmental objectives based on this policy

Communicate our policy both internally and externally

We shall:

Reduce waste production where necessary


a) Shred printed papers once no longer required and use in packing where appropriate.

b) Reuse cardboard boxes and other packaging material if appropriate.

Reduce the consumption of energy.

Specifically turning off lights and heaters in unused rooms.

Minimise where possible the use of natural resources.

Prevent contamination of land and water.

Our main impacts arise from our electricity usage for heating and lighting our premises, for our manufacturing and office equipment and from the limited amount of business travel that we undertake.

We are committed to respecting and protecting the environment, reducing our environmental impacts and continually improving our performance. Our carbon reduction programme includes the following actions:

  • We will reduce our carbon footprint by 5% in the first year of our programme (2014)
  • We will use a switch-off campaign for lighting and equipment and maintain heating at optimum temperature and time settings
  • We will reduce our waste and increase our recycling
  • We will continue to car share and group meetings together to minimise fuel consumption
  • We will continue to comply with all relevant environmental legislation

Our action plan will be communicated to our staff and reviewed quarterly. Our environmental policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and communicated both internally and externally, shown on our website and displayed in our premises.