Is it me or is DSR everywhere these days

Demand side response seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Whether it’s documentaries predicting a future where smart cars feed energy back to the grid or seminars at MMU aiming to persuade community groups and local authorities to install solar panels and wind farms, with a view to feeding/selling the energy back to help support the national grid during times of high demand. The technology is everywhere. There is an argument that SMEs want to participate but are being ignored by aggregators.

It might be that I am tuned into these things because of Synectic’s involvement in the industry. But, in my view, this is the future. Just take a look at the marketing from the new energy suppliers who The Comparison sites are encouraging us to switch to.

Look in more detail and it’s clear that few of these new energy providers actually make or supply energy. Most of them just bill you. So it’s all about being more efficient and offering additional “benefits” to their customers.

Meter readers are already a dying breed. Companies don’t send the nice friendly meter reader anymore. Rather they expect you to do the job in your slippers when you get in from work. So when they say “Let’s make life easier for you, absolutely free of charge we will fit you a smart meter.” No more meter reading, no fear of underpaying and ending up in debt or overpaying, so your cash is tied up preventing you doing something more interesting with it. What’s not to like?

For these companies, smart meters are good news, and smart meters open the door to domestic DSR, and “encouraging” users to change their habits though pricing. They may use Maxine Peak waxing lyrical about us saving the planet, but in reality, what makes us change is economics.

It may be that cooking tea between 4.30 and 7pm won’t change. Let’s face it, that’s when we are hungry. But I predict that we won’t be putting the washer or the tumble dryer on at the same time, not if they are going to double or triple the unit cost for the privilege.

DSR is becoming almost standard practice in industry, especially with large energy users, where energy companies encourage use at low demand times through more complex pricing structures. With the advent of smart metering it is steadily moving into the domestic sector and, as such, over the next 10 years the use of DSR in energy supply is going to be a growth market.

Synectic are now in the 5th year of supplying the critical frequency monitoring instrumentation to core energy aggregators. Our ability to take standard technology and adapt it to fit seamlessly into our customers applications make it easy for them to embrace DSR, and to incorporate smart functionality into their metering offerings.

Rather than going to the expense of working from first principals, we aim to take standard critical frequency monitoring instrumentation and, using our expertise and experience, to adapt this for our client’s needs. The result is a solution that whilst fitting the bill perfectly, is far more cost effective.

If you would like to talk to us about how we DSR, we would love to hear from you.

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