Large industrial LED Weight displays – A collaborative solution

Synectic Electronics are delighted to be working with RGB technology to produce a range of large industrial LED weight displays.

Synectic’s weighing instrumentation is second to none. Combined with the RGB LED indicators they create a simple solution that delivers accurate Strain gauge indication.

”When first we saw the RGB weighing range we thought they were competition. “ explains Adrienne Tonge the MD at Synectic “ but whilst they have created a range of displays that show units of measurement, they do not incorporate the instrumentation that does the actual measuring”.

Synectic’s range of digital strain gauge amplifiers particularly our SY036 are perfect for the job.  Combined with the RGB range of LED modules we now have a cost effective range of displays.

Furthermore, because we can deliver them in two sizes and one of 3 material finishes (Polycarbonate, powder coated steel or stainless steel) they can be slotted into a wide variety of applications, and will always look great. And great looks doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. As with all Synectic products, the build quality is first class so they are perfect for the wide range of tough environments where our clients expect to use them.

Whilst in this case, unlike many of Synectic’s projects, there were no hardware changes necessary, this application required us to develop a customised software interface which took RGB’s bespoke command set and incorporated special codes to allow the two instruments to communicate seamlessly.

Once interfaced, we were able to use our own PC software (which we make available free to our customers) to calibrate a weighing platform or other strain gauge based transducers to display the actual weight or force measurement with the relevant unit indication. LB, KG, N/m etc.

Whether the customisation you require is hardware or software, Synectic’s unique blend of technical expertise, and our practical approach to problem solving allow us to deliver solutions  based on standard components preventing  the need for costly bespoke designs.

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