Metering solutions for energy efficiency

  • Meter pulses replicated -BMS systems simplified
  • Save space in your cabinets  – save money
  • Power supply incorporated- Save time -Save money
  • Bus the power along the line with freelinks -Save time -Save money
  • One four way SY274 is cheaper than 4 x SY027PSO -SAVE MONEY

The success of the SY027 Pulse splitter in the last few years has prompted our design team to take a second look at it and make life easier for those engineers who are using multiple units in their systems. 

The pulse splitter takes a meter pulse and retransmits it to 2 destinations. We have combined four inputs into one unit they units can be powered by a DC supply or you can purchase  a mains powered version.  Even better than that the one mains powered unit has enough power to supply 10 including itself.  If you want to get more than two outputs from one input link the second output to the next input and split that again. 

We have made the connections pluggable as multiple units on a Din rail need easy in easy out configurations, and as a bonus if you order multiples we will supply plug in links to take the power along the line.  When you are thinking about 500 units for an oil field installation or close on a hundred for Downing street (sorry it wasn’t developed early enough for that one guys)  it has got to make sense.