Monitor your production with the Ethernet Interface Unit (EIU)











Did your production processes perform as planned?

What worked well, and what did not?

What needs to be adjusted to ensure that the production is on track and outputs are produced?

To answer these questions you need to be able to monitor your production and get regular reports about your processes performance.

The Ethernet Interface Unit (EIU) provides you with this crucial information. It will help you track how well your production is performing? It will also allow you to identify whatever obstacles are impeding your production targets as early as possible.

The EIU allows your controllers to have networking capabilities and allows you to monitor your production from your computer using an Ethernet Cable and get live Records and Updates on your processes.

The EIU comes with our transfer software that gives you:

  • Live Records for all your devices and custom alarms.
  • Live graph for all your processes.
  • Data Log in CVS, CSV formats

And many other features Like custom data analysis……..

For more information about the EIU send us an E-mail about your Industrial field  and we will send you more information about what it can do for your production processes.

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