SY047 Dual channel digital load cell amplifier


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SY047 Dual channel digital load cell amplifier

The SY047 is a compact 2 channel Digital Load Cell Amplifier that will connect to a PC via the USB port.  The 24 bit processor enables fast accurate measurement.  The device also has a a variable user selectable digital gain the instrument is simple to configure from a PC with the free software that we supply.

It is characterised by simultaneous conversion of 2 input channels, the conversion rate can be set with eight different conversion rate options available programmable from the PC. (max 500 readings per second to the data log, 300 readings per second in real time, limited by PC serial interface) RS232 and USB versions are available.  Each channel can excite up to 4 x 350R bridges.

Digital Load Cell Amplifier Key Features

  • Unit is a dual channel Strain gauge to serial bridge amplifier
  • Compact with IP68 sealed Din socket for connection to the bridge
  • 24 bit ADC measure each input simultaneously
  • Powered from USB or dc supply
  • Simple ASCII command set
  • PC software can log individual channels
  • Logs channel data as peak or continuous
  • Can be Configured to be used with LabVIEW, hyper terminal or Matlab or Live graph

Input mV/V signals from load cells and other similar mv output transducers are accepted by the amplifier.  As standard the unit accepts inputs in the range +/- 3mV/V other ranges can be specified as a no cost option.  The digital measurements are relayed to the PC using the serial interface.  The digital amplifier output is in ASCII code and is supplied with Free realtime plotting software for displaying up to 4 channels of readings.

The SY047 can also be configured for use with Live graph (a free download) and  hyperterminal or LabView if you have it and many other programmes that are capable of capturing CSV/ ascii code  The Baud rate is user configured by jumpers.  Connection between the 2 channel digital load cell amplifier and the PC is by two Binder Din standard plugs with screw fittings to secure and seal (supplied) USB-B or 9 way D-type for RS232 or RS485 comms.  Unit can run from the 5V power from the PC USB or it can be powered by an in line power supply (supplied as standard).

Enclosure options;

Built circuit with terminal for load cell and USB connector, ex case 55 x 74mm

Slim extruded aluminium case IP65 sealed 130 x 60 x 30mm.

Other digital amplifiers in the Synectic range give different communications options. See our SY016

Changes in specification may occur.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 130 × 60 × 30 mm
Input 2


Input 1




Features at a glance

User selectable variable Digital gain
Dual channel simultaneous transfer
24 bit Load cell measurements
USB or serial link to PC
USB or RS232 or RS485 Compatible


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Product Data

SY047 Dual Digi amp datasheet Download Here
SY047 basic no case version manual Download Here
SY047 PC Software Download Here
SY047 dual input digital amplifier manual Download Here