SY081-Digital strain gauge indicator +/- 5 digit

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SY081-Digital strain gauge indicator +/- 5 digit

The SY081 Strain Gauge Indicator is a hi-resolution 24bit load indicator.  The meter can measure scaled loads on a variety of tranducers.  It can display weight, pressure and also torque and offers 10 channels, and 7 point linearisation.  The meter is easy to calibrate by applying a known load, or you can enter the mV/V of the load cell from a calibration certificate.  The SY081 has a shunt calibration option and a fine adjustment facility to correct for drift over time in transducers.

Digital strain gauge indicator Key Features

  • +/- 5 digit weight indicator
  • Communications via RS232 or USB (optional extra)
  • 7 point linearisation
  • Standard AA batteries (45 Hours)
  • Supplied in either zipped vinyl case or protective holster (available when placing your order)
  • Stores settings of 16 load cells calibrations

There are two options of linearisation.  Either a unipolar or a bipolar version can be purchased.  Read the manuals in the resources section to select that which is best for you.  The Bipolar version allows the measurements to compensate for non linear transducers by simply entering the deviation at +75%, +50%, +25%, -25%, -50%, -75% and -100%.   The Unipolar version linearises by adjusting from actual 100 (Full scale) at percentage points 87.5 75 62.5 50 37.5 25 12.5 0 (Zero).

The load meter offers peak and trough hold and up to 10 channels of calibration data, stored in non-volatile memory.  With the RS232 option added the unit can output readings at user programmable timed intervals.

Digital strain gauge indicator can also pair with a load cell and calibrated to Namas standards to use as a calibration set and can be offered with a range of connectors to suit your requirement.

Dimensions- 151 x 82 x 33 cm

Weight-   0.215 kg

Connector- 5 Pin Binder-680,Other

Battery Powered

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Changes in specification may occur.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.215 kg
Dimensions 151 × 82 × 33 mm
Power Supply


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Setups stored


Teds compatible


Calibration method

Known load & mV/V

Data logging


Product Data

SY081-7 point Bipolar linearising-1_3 manuaL Download Here
sy081-7 Point Unipolar linearising 1_6 manual Download Here
SY081 datasheet Download Here
SY081 Declaration of Conformity Download Here