SY015 Flow Batch Controller

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SY015 Flow Batch Controller

Synectic’s Flow Batch Controller is designed to accept signals from almost any flow meter and to fully control the dispensing of fluids.  Flow meter inputs can be reed switch/open collector, TTL pulse or 20mV coil.  The SY015 is easy to use with full numeric keypad for batch size entry and calibrating.

Flow Batch Controller Key features;

  • Full numeric keypad for easy batch entry
  • 3 control relays-plus alarm relay
  • User programmable filters, decimal places and meter K factor
  • No pulse alarm (requires a flow switch)
  • Data logging and printer options

The Flow Batch Controller has three control relays(configured as close, preclose and alarm) they can switch 270V at 6Amp.  A fourth alarm relay facility 240V at 1 amp can be utilised for variant applications (talk to us about your needs.)

Filters, decimal places and step sizes are all user programmable with user friendly prompts.

A no pulses alarm ensures that blockages or valve faults will not go unnoticed to minimise the chance of spillages by closing control relays if your SY015 flow batch controller detects a no flow signal.  The delay before this alarm kicks in is programmable.  In the standard product there is the option of fitting a flow switch in the line after the flow meter  as a further safety device, as if a line is broken after the meter pulses would still be coming into the computer while the liquid could be pouring on the floor so a flow switch near the end of the line can be wired into the controller which would also close control valves and turn off pumps.


DIN panel mount Noryl Case 96mm square with a depth of just 124mm behind the panel. Wall mount accessories and sealing options available.

Optional Extras;

RS232 Comms option enable ticket printing from your flow batch controller to any serial printer or to a PC.

The USB option enables linking to a computer for programming printout details and for downloading logged batch data as Ascii code for manipulating in a spreadsheet. It can even print the label format to a PC screen.

Data logging option to store up to 4000 batches details to interrogate the unit at intervals.  Data logging is available to enable capture of all events with user programmable label batch reference and date and time stamp.  Which can be downloaded to a PC in CSV spreadsheet format.

4-20mA or voltage output proportional to measurement to be re-transmitted.  All calibration data is password protected.  With further security of an incrementing reference that makes evident any changes to measurement parameters between official calibrations.  A keylock can also be fitted to prevent calibration tampering.  The SY015 meets the requirements of QSRMC and has been used widely in the manufacturing of readymix concrete for over 20 years.

Accessory packs; make panel building easier for yourself

Synectic are now offering accessory packs to simplify connection between the instrument and the cabinet you mount it in.  They also come with the required leads you need to download the logged data to your PC or to print out the batch results using a serial printer.

Remote START and STOP buttons can also be purchased in the control accessories options below if required.

For more information on which accessory pack to choose please click this link.

Basic unit weight 555gms

Replacing an existing unit or looking for exactly the same as one you already have?

There have been many variants of SY015 over the 24 years we have been making them.  This is due to our policy of continuous improvement and responding to our clients needs.  If you have the serial number or the details of the original purchaser and a date we keep records that will enable us to give you a drop in replacement 9 times out of 10.  Call us

There is a range of manuals available in the resources tab.  Some of the older manuals are just for existing customers but if one has features you like the look of talk to us.  Log in to get manuals.

Click here to view Synectic’s flow meter selection.

Changes in specification may occur.

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.375 kg
Dimensions 96 × 96 × 120 mm
Power Supply








Product Data

SY015 datasheet Download Here
Standard SY015 flow controller manual Download Here
SY015 5_50 with 4-20mA out manual Download Here
SY015 5_3B-16 destination manual Download Here
SY015 A.105 4 admix manual Download Here
SY015 remote start stop connection sheet Download Here