SY-Flow-Beta Cold Water Flow Meters



SY-Flow-Beta Cold Water Flow Meters

This range of Flow Beta Cold Water Flow Meters is available in 6 pipe diameter sizes/ flow rate ranges.  These inferential multi-jet type meters have a direct reading register and are suitable for drinking water (75/33/EEC)/WRc/WRAS MID Approved R80 T50.

These meters are brass and have a read out on the face with a Reed Switch pulse output module giving 1 pulse per litre mounted on the front of the readout out.

The pulse output can be linked to a Synectic batch computer SY015 for accurate dispensing if linked to appropriate valves.  Greater accuracy can be achieved if the meter is used with Synectic signal converters/frequency scalers.

A version for warm water up to 90 degrees C is also available.  Contact us for more information

The Flow Beta Cold Water Flow Meters sizes in the range are ;

15mm Qn 1.5 m3/hr

20mm Qn 2.5 m3/hr

25mm Qn 3.5 m3/hr

30mm Qn 6 m3/hr

40mm Qn 10 m3/hr

50mm Qn 15m3/hr

Qn = nominal flow rate.  The maximum flow rate is twice the nominal flow rate and the size of meter chosen should be able to accommodate flow rates between the two.  If the flow rate and range are not known then choosing a meter of the same diameter as the pipework that the meter is to be connected to should be a guide but it must be recognised that accurate measurement will only be achieved if the pipe is full.

Changes in specification may occur.

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Standard Specification

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions N/A
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