SY033 Large Industrial Weight Display

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SY033 Large Industrial Weight Display

Large industrial weight display.   Synectic’s SY033 range is the unique combination of Synectic Electronics specialist weighing instrumentation combined with the great low power LED displays created by RGB technology.  A range of attractive strong and yet light weight display instruments  created by RGB can be used in a wide range of retail and industrial environments.  The WA series of large industrial displays was chosen by Synectic because of the simplicity of linking with our digital load cell amplifiers.

Large industrial weight display key features

The SY033 Large industrial weight display come in a range of sizes and materials.  Display digits can be 60mm talls (mini) or 120mm tall (professional). The opto-isolated display communication interface of the displays is compatible with RS-232 as well as with RS422 and RS485 serial interfaces.  0/20mA current loop input is an option.   An Ethernet interface is available. The displays can also communicate through a radioline wireless system. The solid housing is available in polycarbonate  steel or stainless steel all give a high degree of protection to ensure reliable operation in industrial conditions. The displays have a function of blanking unnecessary zeros, they handle special messages: an overload, a weight measurement error, etc. Enclosure options are solid polycarbonate, powder coated steel or stainless steel and either 6cm digits for viewing up to 25 metres away or 12cm digits for 50metre viewing

4 Load cell input

A combination of the display and the Synectic amplifier enable industrial users to link up to 4 350 Ohm load cells.  The load cells will be excited by the Synectic SY036 amplifier.  The large display shows the weight to high accuracy plus the unit of measurement.  The load cell instrumentation can be incorporated within the display housing  when the weighing application and load cells are close to one another.  Signals can be transmitted without fear of loss of data even if there is a distance from the weighing process to the where the display needs to be sited

RS232 output

The load cell signal can be retransmitted in CSV Ascii format, measurements can be captured, acted upon and logged where necessary.


The display is combined with Synectic’s SY036 digital amplifier especially modified to communicate with the RGB display.  This combination has the ability to display the  unit of measurement.

Synectic are specialists in weighing so call us to discuss your specific needs.

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