SY036 Load Cell Amplifier Data Logger

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The SY036 digital load cell amplifier data logger is a self contained unit which provides excitation for up to four 350Ω strain gauge bridges and measures both strain and temperature. Its fully differential input allows it to work in both tension and compression. The built in microcomputer then calculates a temperature compensated 24 bit value directly proportional to load. Calibration parameters are stored in non-volatile EEPROM.  A simple ASCII command set is used and user friendly Windows software can be downloaded for free which gives the user an on screen virtual instrument with a range of data capture and logging options.

The SY036 can also convert 4-20mA transducer signals.  The 4-20mA input option is also converted to a scaled digital reading. The scaled digital readings are output to the PC or PLC as a 24 bit conversion at up to 470 readings/sec.  Data  can be read in real time via links directly to PC or PLC. Data logging for storing readings and transmitting later via the RS232 or RS485 comms.  A special RS232N version allows multiple units to be addressed on a PCs serial ports without the need for RS485 network adapters.  Retransmission of the signal as a 4-20mA loop output is also offered for use in other process applications. Readings can be taken when triggered by a contact closure or a logic low input.

Load Cell Amplifier Data Logger Key Features

  • Supplied with free PC virtual instrument software
  • User configurable by RS232 Serial /USB data connection
  • Convert signals directly to digital for PC or PLC interfacing
  • 470 readings per second 24 bit converter
  • Logger option stores 131,000 readings
  • Ideal to link to Large displays 60mm or 100mm tall digits (ASK)

A Load cell amplifier data logger in such a small unit gives a great advantage, it is so small you plug it into the back of your PC and it can be calibrated with the free software we provide.  It then gives you scaled readings as a continuously streamed data output.  This can be used with graphing software if desired.  131000 Data samples can be logged, time and date stamps need to set externally note that this feature is more for sequencing than timing events.

SY036 has rising clamp terminals for load cell connection and is packaged in a compact ABS case that can plug directly into a serial port or USB port using a USB to serial converter supplied on order.  The SY036 requires an external power source of between 7-18VDC.


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Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

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Dimensions 88 × 48 × 24 mm

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Product Data

SY036 Datasheet Download Here
SY036 Manual Download Here