SY-Flow-Macnaught Corrosive Chemical Flow Meter

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SY-Flow-Macnaught Corrosive Chemical Flow Meter

The Macnaught Oval Gear Corrosive Chemical Flow Meter are a positive displacement oval gear flow meters that are designed for corrosive chemical measurement applications. This type of flow meter technology provides excellent batch accuracy and is not affected by either pulsating flow, high viscosity or low conductivity.

This technology is also ideal for dispensing and dosing at extremely low flow rates and small batch sizes.

Oval gear flow meters do not require any flow conditioning or straight piping runs before or after the meter, so they can be fitted in tight spaces without any performance losses.

Macnaught Corrosive Chemical meters are constructed utilising a PTFE/PSS blend (PPS) therefore suitable for use in aggressive chemical environments.


• Laundry Chemicals
• Additive Injection
• Water Treatment
• Corrosive Chemical Dispensing
• Chemical Batching
• Chemical Packaging and Blending

Weight-   3.0000kg

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