SY027 Meter Pulse Splitter

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SY027 Meter Pulse Splitter

Our SY027 Pulse Splitter is designed to convert pulses from meters or other turbine devices and transmit the same pulse via two relay outputs to enable two separate instruments to measure the rate simultaneously. It can be used with either electricity, water or gas meters (NOT ATEX). The SY027 PSO has been designed for applications where a pulse is required to be isolated, re-powered and repeated on two separate outputs. It works with inputs from reed switch signals, Opto coupler, open collector, NAMUR or TTL pulse (up to 25V) with automatic debounce, as well as with high frequency pulses. The speed of pulses can be accommodated from either a very slow to super-fast.  Isolated relay outputs can be created by the PSR version when an NPN pulse output from a meter needs to be converted to a single relay isolated output or two.

The standard frequency range is up to 1 kHz and a maximum switching voltage of 280V.  We also have an extra fast version for a small extra charge we can reproduce pulses up to 5 kHz with a maximum switching voltage of 60V.

The units are widely used in building management systems (BMS) energy management compliance is made easier if this small unit can be retro-fitted to take pulses from an existing meter into a new monitoring and control system.

The Pulse Splitter is supplied in a compact din rail mounted case as standard and requires 7-30V Dc supply.  There are options to take it with the DC supply requirements in a small IP65 sealed wall mounting case or also with a mains powered option when it is supplied in a larger polycarbonate IP65 sealed wall mounted case with a power input requirement of 85-264V AC. with 4 sealing cable glands.

The SY027 Pulse Splitter is characterised by a rugged isolated relay contact outputs which offer more flexibility than polarity sensitive transistor or pulse outputs. It is also characterised by a galvanic isolation up to 1500 Vrms and 3000 volt in oil.

If you require a din rail mounting mains powered version please also see our SY271-AC

SY027PSO-F gives a solid state relay pulse output with a bandwidth of 1 KHz.

SY027PSO-FX gives a solid state relay pulse output with a bandwidth of 5 KHz.

SY027PSR-P gives 1 x reed relay output and 1 x 0-5V TTL pulse output.

SY027 PSR accepts a pulse and transmits the same pulse via two relay outputs. The SY027 PSR provides for outputs of up to 55Hz.

SY027Pstretch adjust lengths short fast pulses so that they can be captured by PLCs

SY027PSO-BF lengthens pulses to a fixed 20, 30, 40 or 50 msecs specify on order.

Industrial Applications-

Splitting the signal from meters to data loggers and PLCs.
Water, gas and electricity meters.
Isolating, repowering, repeating and conditioning a signal on 2 separate outputs.
Synectic’s Din Rail version can also be used in road side telemetry Kiosks.
Between devices that require voltage switching like PLCs.
Also used in building management systems.

Changes in specification may occur.

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We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 72.5 × 18 × 62 mm
Power supply & Enclosure

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Power supply accessories

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Features at a glance

Galvanically isolated outputs
2 solid state relay (PSO) or
2 Reed relay (PSR) outputs from 1 input
Works with signals from reed / volt free contact switches, Opto Coupler, Open collector or TTL Pulse
Can be sealed in an IP65 case
Pulse rate 0 to 5 KHz
Rugged isolated relay contact outputs
and automatic de-bounce features wall mount ip65 cased option

Product Data

SY027PSO Manual Download Here
SY027P-Stretch pulse splitter and stretcher for PLCs Download Here
SY027PSR reed relay pulse splitter Manual Download Here
SY027 Declaration of Conformity Download Here