SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter +/-4.5 Digit

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SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter +/-4.5 Digit

SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter is a handheld battery powered instrument.  The 4.5 digit 24 bit instrument displays measurements from load cells, torque transducers and other strain gauge bridge transducers.  The meter offers peak and trough hold and up to 16 channels of stored (load cells or other sensor) calibration data, stored in non-volatile memory.

Portable Digital Load Meter Key Features

    • Easily configured for use with load cells or pressure transducers
    • Stores up to 16 set ups of calibration details
    • Digital Scaling and Programmable Decimal Point
    • 160msec peak & trough capture
    • 40hrs battery life from 2 AA batteries
    • Data entry via sealed five button membrane keypad
    • A protective holster available or zipped vinyl pouch
    • 4 pin latching din standard plug (We also offer a range of connectors to suit user requirements please specify)


  • The indicator is ideal for either weight, stress strain and force measurements ( it can also work with potentiometers.)

Easy to calibrate by applying a known load, by shunt calibration and with fine adjustment facility to correct for drift over time in transducers. A TEDS enabled transducer version is also available, see SY061.

The LCD displays are 10.2mm tall and give user friendly prompts to ease set up and calibration.  Scaled readings with peak and trough capture facility that can be switched in as required.   With the option of RS232 added  the unit can output readings at user programmable timed intervals clicca per info.

If the Portable Digital Load Meter is purchased with a load cell we can fit the plug for you if you wish.  We can calibrate a set to Namas standards to use as a calibration set.  User to specify load cell type.

Battery power is not consumed by status indicator, if there is insufficient battery voltage there will be no display so you need not fear incorrect readings due to a low excitation voltage.  If the unit will switch on it will measure accurately.

Case ABS Grey size 152L x 83W x 34D mm.

If you require TEDS please see the SY061,  for a 5 digit meter with linearisation features then its the SY081 you need or to read 2 transducer signals at the same time then the SY021

Click here to view Synectic’s Load Cell selection which can be calibrated to your portable load meter.

Changes in specification may occur.

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 151 × 82 × 33 mm
Power Supply






Product Data

SY031 datasheet Download Here
Standard SY031 manual Download Here
archive SY031 manual Download Here