SY017 Recipe Batch Controller for weight and flow control

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Recipe batch controller store 99 recipes. Ingredients can be weighed, flow meter measured, added by hand or timed. Linked to a PC you can edit store and access  an infinite number of recipes. The PC can also store details of each batch.  The communications also allow for batch ticket printing. Logging batch records in the unit if it is a stand alone system for later interrogation is also an option.

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Recipe Batch Controller

Weighing and Flow Process Control

Recipe Batch Controller for weight and flow control. Links with load cells to control the accurate measurement of weight and meters for flow control. With non-volatile memory storing up to 99 recipes, This can be fully integrated into a factory network or with a PC give unlimited recipe storage and control.

Weight measurement is achieved with an 18bit ADC, with its built-in excitation supply can drive up to four 350Ω load cells.  Two separate weighing inputs can be controlled on the weight focused version, an optional flow meter input is also available.  The flow version can simultaneously blend two materials in ratiometric proportions. The flow focused version also has 1 weighing input.

This unit controls the switching of up to 17 valves, and also motors, pumps or contactors etc.  17 relays rated at 5A 250V AC or 5A at 30V DC. A 4-20mA output is available as an option if required for remote indicators or a variety process control applications, speed control of mixers conveyors etc.

We have this product categorised as bespoke because it is full of features and capabilities that mean we want to talk to you about your requirements.  We have the ability to include extra firmware code that solves your problems without you needing a PLC programming technician.  Call us.

Recipe Batch Controller Key Features

  • Full colour graphic display gives simple HMI
  • Recipe storage up to 99 formulas
  • Weighs from up to two sets of 4 load cells (weight focused version)
  • Measures and controls flow from 1 or 2 flow meters
  • Blends simultaneously if the recipe consists of just 2 flow ingredients
  • Can be linked to PC unlimited recipe storage
  • RS232, RS485 or USB data communication
  • Ethernet option available

Relevant Industries

  • Process Weighing and Flow Batch control
  • Currently used by Blue Chip companies for Food processing,  Chemical blending and Process applications.


Black Noryl 144mm square DIN panel mount case rated IP55 138mm deep (optionally IP65 or IP67)

Batch and recipe entry is simple, via the keypad or the optional serial interface.  Each material can be controlled by either weight, metered flow or by time.  Hand adding of ingredients is also supported, any combination of these settings can be programmed to suit the user’s needs.  In bulk bag handling systems, the controller can warn of insufficient material to complete a recipe and allow the user to continue until bag runs out, pause while the bag is replaced, and resume at the operator’s prompt.  A ‘ratio’ mode is also available which allows an ingredient to be dispensed via the flow channel in the precise quantity required dependent on the measured weight of another ingredient.


Calibration figures are stored in non-volatile memory, protected by a PIN number and optionally a key-lock.  Any change to the calibration increments a non-resettable counter.  This controller meets the requirements of QSRMC for construction industry applications.

The optional RS232 comms module allows direct printing of time-stamped batch tickets to standard serial printers.  Full remote control of the SY017 is also possible via this interface, 444 batch summaries can be retrieved.  For more complex systems the RS485 network comms module is available.  The SY017 can also be configured as either a master or slave device.

Safety advantage when used with PC’s and PLC systems

The stand-alone functions of the Recipe Batch Controller  provide redundancy allowing batching to continue even if a PC’s operation is interrupted.  This provides a safety advantage over a traditional PLC-based system; a ‘belts and braces’ approach as our customers up here in the North say!

Changes in specification may occur.


Head line price is for entry level product. We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 144 × 144 × 120 mm
Power Supply





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Input 1

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Input 2


Control Accessories



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Product Data

SY017 datasheet Download Here
SY017 Declaration of Conformity Download Here