SY039 LVDT Signal Conditioner (DIN rail mount )


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The LVDT-RVDT Signal Conditioning Module is a versatile, compact module.  This can work with almost any LVDT due to 8 selectable gain ranges and a flexible range of output options.  Any voltage in the range +/-10VDC, and any current in the range +/-20 mA.  The user is able to select desired output using simple dip switches.

Signal Conditioning Module Key Features

  • Current and Voltage output options
  • Span and zero adjust ability available
  • Unit supplied in compact DIN rail mounting
  • Supports all standard LVDTs, RVDT and half bridge
  • High output accuracy

LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner excitation frequency is user selectable 2.5, 3.3, 5, 10KHz on standard.  (20Khz Hi-frequency is available if the option is chosen on your order.)   Frequency response 1KHz or 250Hz user selectable.  Precision is ensured by the fine tuning either zero or span trimmers.

Where modules are connected together, in Master/slave mode, excitation oscillator frequencies are synchronized to eliminate the effects of heterodyning and spurious beat frequency signals, cross-talk and intermodulation.

Output noise/Ripple ≤ 1mVrms.  This circuit contains a low distortion sine wave oscillator to drive the LVDT, and with two synchronous demodulation channels the amplitude of the secondary and primary can be detected.

This unit is packaged in a very neat 101 x 75 x 22mm Din rail mounting case (Type 1 and type 3), with connection made by rising clamp terminals with 3.5 x 2.5mm apertures.

weight 105gms

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.105 kg
Dimensions 75 × 22 × 101 mm
Excitation Frequency

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Power Supply

Product Data

SY039 datasheet Download Here
SY039 Manual Download Here
SY039 fixed output manual Download Here