SY005 Load Cell Display Batch Weight Controller

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SY005 Load Cell Display Batch Weight Controller

The Batch Weight Controller -Computer, links with load cells to control the accurate measurement of batches of materials by weight.  This digital panel meter makes process weighing applications simple. Batch quantities are entered using the numeric keypad and displayed on the large 6 digit LED display (14mm).  A secondary 5 digit display can show the weight in the weighed silo for loss in weight applications.  For add in weight systems it can display the number of batches since last reset. This is ideal for bag or drum filling applications as it keeps a tally for the operator.

The SY005 Batch Weighing Controller has a built in strain gauge bridge amplifier and bridge excitation reference for direct connection to up to 4 x 350Ω load cells. The excitation supply is also used as the A to D converter reference for true ratiometric measurement. A control relay with in-flight compensation is included together with 3 independent Control relays (270V 6A).  An audible tone acknowledges each keypress in addition to the tactile feedback from the click touch keypad.

START and STOP buttons are on the keypad and rear terminals are provided for wiring additional remote START and STOP buttons (these can be purchased in the control accessories section).  An RS232 link is available for printing batch details material label, batch reference and date and time stamp, for traceability on any serial printer, or remote control and monitoring by a computer.   Comms options are available to enable data logging.  The logged information can be downloaded in CSV (spreadsheet) format .

The 96mm square DIN panel instrument is compact, only 124mm deep behind the panel.  There are many firmware variants for this instrument the manuals in the download section will give some of the previously shipped versions but we have the flexibility to use the inputs and outputs to meet your needs.  The instrument has been used in applications as diverse as making biscuits and also twisting wing strings for aeroplanes.

All calibration data is password protected and stored in non-volatile memory.  Further security of an incrementing reference that makes evident any changes to measurement parameters between official calibrations.  A keylock can also be fitted to prevent calibration tampering.  The ready mix concrete industry the SY005 Batch Weighing Controller meets the requirements of QSRMC.  A matching panel mount printer is available or a desk top tractor feed 80 column printer see associated products.  Any Serial printer can be used with these instruments the intelligence, headers etc. is in the controller not the printer.

Synectic are now offering accessory packs to simplify connection between the instrument and the cabinet you mount it in.  They also come with the required leads you need to download the logged data to your PC or to print out the batch results using a serial printer.

For more information on which accessory pack to choose please click this link.

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY VERSIONS OF SY005 IF YOU WANT TO REPLACE ONE YOU HAVE ENSURE YOU GIVE THE SERIAL NUMBER OR FIRMWARE VERSION.  There is a range of manuals available in the resources tab.  The current standard is prefixed by the word ‘Standard’.  Some of the older ones are just for existing customers but if one has features you like the look of talk to us.  Log in to get manuals.

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We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.375 kg
Dimensions 96 × 96 × 116 mm
Features at a glance

• Measure & Control
• Dual Display
• Loss in weight & add in weight
• Print batch data
• RS232, RS485 & USB comms. available

Power Supply



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Weighing Comms/Datalogging

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Product Data

SY005 - Datasheet (Batch Weight Controller) Download Here
STANDARD SY005 5.31 manual Download Here
archive SY005 2 stage weighing manual Download Here
archive SY005 3 material recipe manual Download Here
archive SY005 weight indicator manual Download Here
archive SY005 5_2 manual Download Here
archive SY005 5_1 manual Download Here
archive SY005 52_3a 2 Bin recipe controller manual Download Here
archive SY005 RBC1_4 4 material recipe batch controller manual Download Here