SY008 Sensor Signal Conditioning Module

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SY008 Sensor Signal Conditioning Module

The SY008 Load Cell Signal Conditioner is offered in three different types;

SY008-VI: 0-5V to 4-20mA converter

SY008-SGC: Universal loadcell amplifier current out

SY008-SGV: Universal loadcell amplifier Voltage out

The SY008-VI Sensor Signal Conditioning Module converts 0-5V dc in to 4-20mA out. The SY008 can either provide a 5V or 10V source to a variety of transducers; load cells, RVDTs, potentiometers(precision linear transducer), tilt sensors and contactless position sensors. Almost any sensor that produces an output signal voltage in the range 0-5V dc.

The SY008-SGC provides excitation and converts a millivolt signal to a current output 4-20mA.

The SY008-SGV provides excitation and converts a millivolt signal to a voltage output 0-10V

Enclosed in an IP66 rugged ABS case with two IP67 sealing glands. The unit can be wall or bulkhead mounted. size 64 x 58 x 35mm

Weight of the product  refers to the maximum weight of the enclosed option.

Changes in specification may occur.

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Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 64 × 58 × 35 mm

Specify on order (4 – 20mA, +/- 10V)

Sensitivity (mV/V)

Switch selectable (0.25 – 4.4)

Features at a glance

IP67 surface Mount Case- Sealed cable glands
Very Compact
Load cell or other millivolt sensors to voltage
Load cell or other millivolt sensors to current
0-5 Volts to 4-20mA Converter version


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Excitation Voltage


Product Data

SY008 Strain gauge sensor Amp- Datasheet Download Here
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