SY008 Potentiometer Signal Conditioner

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SY008 Potentiometer Signal Conditioner

The SY008 VI Load Cell Sensor Signal Conditioner IP66 converts 0-5V dc in to 4-20mA out. The SY008 can either provide a 5V or 10V source to a variety of transducers; load cells, RVDTs, potentiometers (precision linear transducer), tilt sensors and contactless position sensors. Almost any sensor that produces an output signal voltage in the range 0-5V dc.

Special Features

It has very high stability and accuracy on voltage and current out
The unit is protected against reverse polarity connection as well as having a high immunity to interference
It is designed to run on nominal voltage of 24V (17-30V) DC
The unit is supplied in a sealed die-cast case with input and output cable glands.
Enclosed in an IP66 rugged Aluminium case with two IP67 metal sealing glands. The unit can be either wall or bulkhead mounted. size 64 x 58 x 35mm.

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Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd


Standard Specification

Weight 0.17 kg

Power Supply

Excitation Voltage


Product Data

SY008 Transducer signal conditioner Download Here
SY008 Potentiometer Manual Download Here