SY016 Digital strain gauge bridge amplifier

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SY016 Digital strain gauge bridge amplifier

The SY016 Digital Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier is a self-contained 20 bit digital amplifier.  The built in microcomputer calculates a temperature compensated signed 20 bit value directly proportional to the load.  Calibration parameters which are stored in non-volatile EEPROM.

Digital Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier Key Features

    • Set zero offsets
    • High speed precision measurements (up to 470 per second)
    • Set tempareture offset
    • Coefficients
    • Monitor each load cell separately (with multiple SY016’s)
    • Works in either tension or compression
    • Programmable gain up to x 128
    • Uses simple Ascii command set
    • Free PC software with live graphing available
    • Peak and trough facilities are available.
    • User configurable by USB/ Serial data connection
    • Two options available: With 2 relay outputs and also Unipolar voltage output
    • USB version with average data transmission at 470 readings per second @230K baud.

When calibrated to a transducer(s) it allows data to be captured and logged at timed intervals to suit user requirements.  Data can then either be viewed by its user in real time or logged to the PC for later analysis.

  • PCB only with dimensions of 55 x 51 x 15mm and a weight of only 15gms.
  • Cased with dimensions of 63 x 51 x 29mm with a weight of 100gms.

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Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 95 × 40 × 30 mm

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Features at a glance

Programmable user selectable gain
USB or serial comms (RS232 or RS485)
Simple Ascii command set
Data Acquisition load cell to PC or PLC
Baud rates user selectable



Product Data

SY016 datasheet Download Here
SY016 Manual Download Here
Digital Amplifier PC Software Download Here