SY020 Pulse Rate to 4-20mA or Voltage Converter



SY020 Pulse Rate to 4-20mA or Voltage Converter

The SY020 Pulse Rate Converter can be linked to any frequency generating device e.g. flow meters, which gives TTL, pulse Reed switch or coil output, converting the frequency to an analogue signal. This can be 4-20mA loop current or a voltage output. The 4-20mA version unit is loop powered.

The SY020 Pulse Rate Converter can be supplied preset to a particular range alternatively the user can configure the unit themselves setting the jumper links to select the meter signal type and any one  of 8 ranges from 16-35Hz up to 2000-4400Hz.

It can be supplied as PCB only. The Din rail mount version is the most convenient for many applications. Alternatively it can be supplied housed in an IP65 sealed ABS case with moulded glands and mounting lugs for wall mounting.

The earlier circular version ( often placed in the head of the flow meter with the pick-up. ) is being made obsolete if you need this version it will be on special request please call Technical on +44 (0)1204 819021

Pulse Rate Converter Key Features

• Covers a wide frequency range of frequencies. They are all 4mA or 0V
at zero and selectable from 16 – 4400Hz at full scale.
• The gain can be calibrated to any value within a given range (see
electrical characteristics) by using fine adjustment via the trimmer.
• Any voltage between 10 (17V for 10V version) and 30 V can be supplied drawing a
current between 4mA and 20mA dependent on the input frequency.


The SY020 Pulse Rate Converter can be purchased PCB only with dimensions of 37 x 44 x 12mm and a weight of only 15gms, Din-Rail cased with dimensions of 62 x 64 x 15mm with a weight of 40gms or IP65 cased with dimensions of 100 x 80 x 50mm 90gms

The main photo shows the new issue 2 PCB.

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Changes in specification may occur.

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 0.7 × 0.53 × 0.1 mm
Power Supply



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Features at a glance

Loop powered
TTL Pulse, Coil or Reed switch input
4-20mA, 0-5 or 0-10V proportional signal out
Din rail mount or
Built PCB with rising clamp terminal connections
IP65 sealed ABs wall mount case

Product Data

SY020 datasheet Download Here
SY020 Pulse Rate to Analogue converter Download Here