SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger

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SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger

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SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger

SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger measures signals from most transducer types.   The programmable gain allows for load cell, strain gauge with bridge completion circuits, LVDT, pressure transducer, torque transducer, potentiometer and many more.  The scaled value is displayed on the 2 lines of 16 characters.  The user can programme the unit of measurement. The meter has an alpha-numeric display, with prompts that make the set up and calibration procedures easy.

Calibration values are stored in non-volatile memory and because the calibration is easily configurable you could use the same meter for a variety of transducer types. (provided you take care to ensure it was in the right mode when you use it.)  The hand held display converts the measurements from millivolt signals and 4-20 ma signals into a scaled figure  eg; lbs, Kilos, Tonnes, or mms, metres, bar, ftlbs etc. The measurements can be captured as peaks or troughs and logged.  The SY021 is a very accurate and user friendly display and data logger. FREE PC software is supplied to access the data in csv spreadsheet format.

Two simultaneous measurement channels

The Portable Weighing Indicator is available with a second input channel.  It can connect to two different transducers simultaneously. It is so much more than a weight indicator with its ability to link to multiple transducer types and if you choose the two input version to compare and capture measurements on the two channels simultaneously the SY021 is unique in capabilities in a hand held device.

SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger with simple calibration

The calibration is by applying a known load or by entering the millivolt or milliamp scaling factor and the full scale range from the calibration certificate. A single or a dual channel version of the instrument is available. 50 sets of calibration figures will be stored for each channel in non-volatile memory which will not be lost when batteries are changed. The simple to use unit features a full numeric keypad for ease of use. Peak and trough capture and display every 10m/sec comes as standard.  Mating plugs to connect to load cell or other transducer and 4 X AA batteries are supplied. (batteries to UK only)

Data logging

Data logging: 64,000 events of data can be captured every 10m/sec (100Hz) and logged on internal memory for download at a later time. Captured values will be date and time stamped. Measurements can be captured as a single shot reading at the users request (a button press) or set to run, capturing measurements at programmed time intervals.  If, for example, the user programmes the SY021 to take 1 reading per second there is storage for 18 hours worth of readings. The communications options can be used to upload the data preformatted (CSV) via  USB, RS232 or Blue tooth to a PC(cable & PC software included).

Super-fast option

A super-fast option of 2m/sec readings is also available, this is a trade off with the number of readings that can be stored.  Logging 64,000 readings at the 10m/sec rate and only 3200 events at the fastest speed.

Available on request;

You can request connectors to meet your needs.  Ask if they will fit, we will quote you.

Add a protective rubber boot to your order.

A padded aluminium storage/carry case.

Load cells calibrated to your portable load meter.

Weight of standard unit 355gms.

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Changes in specification may occur.

Contact us to discuss particular applications or special requirements so

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 195 × 100 × 42 mm


Weighing Comms/Datalogging

, , , ,

Power supply accessories

, ,

Input 1

, ,


, ,

Power Supply



, ,



Transducer inputs



RS232 or USB

Power supply

6V (4x AA Batteries) or DC power supply


16 x 2 character LCD

Teds compatible


Setups stored

50 (per channel)

Calibration method

Known load, mV/V & fine nudging

Data logging

Yes (8000 events)

Input 2

, , ,

Product Data

SY021 Datasheet Download Here
SY021 version 5.62s Manual Download Here
SY021 PC Software Download Here