SY024 Frequency Scaler

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SY024 Frequency Scaler

Frequency Multiplier

The SY024 Frequency Scaler/Multiplier can be linked to most frequency generating devices.  It can be set to multiply or divide the frequency by a simple set up. When a frequency output device like a flow meter gives insufficient pulses to give the accuracy you need, or too many pulses for your Programmable logic controller or frequency counter to handle, or if you have more than one frequency output device and the rates are different you can match them by multiplying or dividing and re-transmitting to match the outputs to one another or the capabilities of your PLC etc.

Easy to configure

To configure the frequency scaler set the input jumpers to match the output from your frequency generating device, reed switch, open collector, 5mV coil, or TTL pulse. Then set the 4 rotary switches to the factor you wish.

Multiply or Divide by multiplying by a fraction

The standard M version can be set to multiply by any value between 0.001(divide by 1000) or to multiply by up to 9.999.

Divider specific version

Where division by a whole number is required, the specific divider ‘D’ version may be more suitable. It offers a division range between 1 and 9999 .

Extended range by using Hexadecimal

The Frequency Multiplier ‘M-X’ version is also available giving an extended range version. In this version the first of the four 10 position switches is replaced with a hexadecimal 16 position switch and enables a multiplication factor of between 0.001 and 15.999.


Many of our clients are OEMs and incorporate our circuits in their own product enclosures and the standard price is for the built PCB.   Ask us if you would like specific fittings to make life easier for your engineers.  If the unit is to be incorporated in an electrical panel the din rail mounting tray is an option.  For wall or bulkhead mounting the IP65 sealed box gives maximum protection.  It has external mounting lugs for screw fixing to a flat surface.

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Changes in specification may occur.

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5.3 × 1 mm
Features at a glance

New version- simpler ordering
Multiply slow pulse rate.
Divide too fast a pulse rate
Match one meter output to another to standardise
Ensure PLCs can use meter pulses


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Output/Multiplication factors

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Product Data

SY024 Frequency Multiplier datasheet Download Here
SY024 Frequency Multiplier (+divider) manual Download Here
SY024 Frequency Divider manual Download Here
Download Here