SY024PR**Dual – Pulse Rate to Dual Analog Converter


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SY024PR**Dual – Pulse Rate to Dual Analog Converter

The SY024PR**2 accepts a frequency input and produces 2 outputs. These can be 2 x 4-20mA or 2 x 0-10V  or one of each. The input can be configured by jumpers to match a wide range of transducer signals, e.g. TTL pulse, open collector transistor, reed switch and coil. The reed switch inputs incorporates filtering to prevent false signals from contact bounce. The coil input accepts ac signals as low as 20mV pk-pk. The input board is a master and the second output board is a slave. Three versions are available dependent on user requirements that is;

Two 0-10V outputs                               – SY024PRV-2
Two 4-20mA outputs                            – SY024PRC -2
One 0-10V and one 4-20mA output    – SY024PRV-C

The full scale output range is set in milliseconds by the use of BCD rotary switches.
When ordering it’s usually best to select an SY024 that has the highest frequency range while still allowing for the lowest.

Typical current consumption is 25mA.4-20mA output. The 4-20mA output is provided at the terminal marked NC. The unit sources the current so the load should be connected between NC and 0V terminals. Output compliance voltage is determined by the supply voltage Vs. The value is Vs – 3V. Maximum load resistance is therefore 250Ω at 8V and 1350Ω at 30V supply.

Available in an open frame din rail mounting tray or an IP65 sealed ABS wall mount enclosure.

Changes in specification may occur.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 0.7 × 0.53 × 0.1 mm
Features at a glance

Convert a Frequency to 2 analogue outputs
Pulse to 2 x 4-20mA signal
Pulse to 2 x 0-10V signals
Pulse to 1 x voltage and 1 time current signal
Din rail option
or IP65 sealed ABs wall mount case

Power Supply


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Power supply accessories

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Product Data

SY024 dual analogue convertor datasheet Download Here