SY061 TEDS Digital Meter & Teds Chip programmer

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SY061 TEDS Digital Meter & Teds Chip programmer

The SY061 TEDS Indicator is a 5/6 digit portable load meter, which can indicate the weight or force present on any attached smart transducer, be it load cell or torque transducer, potentiometer or LVDT.  The output can be converted to many units such as kg, lbs, Nm, kn and newtons.

The data logger stores readings for later download in a CSV spreadsheet format.  These can be read by virtually all spreadsheet programmes.  Two methods of operation can be selected, streamed and single.  If single shot is selected, then in measurement mode each press of the PROG key will store the current reading.

The record will include a test number, the day of the month, the time and also the reading.  In streamed mode, pressing the PROG key will start the log which will be indicated by a letter L on the bottom left of the display.  Pressing PROG again will stop the logging.  In this case the record will include a test number, the time in seconds, to 3 decimal places, of the reading starting at 0, and the reading.  This allows a chunk of streamed data in the spreadsheet to be highlighted and a graphical plot of the data to be easily produced.

Teds Indicator Key Features

  • Teds transducer recognition
  • Data logging available at up to 62 readings/sec (8000 events stored)
  • Communications via USB
  • Calibration with real word prompts
  • Stores settings of 10 load cells calibrations and stores TEDS Tare values
  • Standard AA batteries (45 Hours)
  • A Wide range of units inc. kilos, Tonnes, Newtons etc & 1 user programmable
  • Supplied in zipped vinyl case, protective holster available Applications
  • RS232, USB, Bluetooth printer and data logging options are also available.
  • Teds standard IEEE 1451


  • Test + Measurement
  • Force + Torque


  • Lifting + Handling
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction
  • Silo + Weighing industry
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive

A programmable gain amplifier on the front end allows the instrument to be configured for a wide range of transducers.  If you are a transducer manufacturer we can now offer the SY061 TEDS Indicator with Pc software to programme the TEDS chips with the calibration details to embed on an eprom in your transducer device.

Depending on your requirements, load cells etc. can be fitted with the DIN plugs, or you may find it useful to wire a plug to a terminal block for general-purpose use.  We can also supply other connector types.  Teds is an acronym for transducer electronic data sheet.  All calibration parameters can be programmed onto the chip inside the transducer and the indicator can then simply be plugged in and the load placed on it will be automatically read. There is also the facility to remove a dead weight.

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Changes in specification may occur.

We are always happy to discuss particular applications or special requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Standard Specification

Weight 0.215 kg
Dimensions 151 × 82 × 33 mm





, ,


12 x 2 Character LCD



Setups stored


Teds compatible


Calibration method

TEDS, known load & mV/V

Data logging

Yes (single or streamed)

Product Data

SY061 Vers 1.30 manual Download Here