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BP Mitchell operate quarries and ready mix concrete batching sites across the South of England and in Ireland. As a result of the success using Synectic products in in their Hertfordshire plants they asked us to supply a system of instruments to operate a PC controlled concrete batching plant.  The new plant was to be created in Hertfordshire and installed for use on the West Coast of Ireland.

Our Solution

Synectic Design supplied an industrial PC plus weighing and flow batching instruments.  The instruments linked by an RS485 network gives the system the flexibility to control recipes from an industrial PC.  Measuring with Synectic design’s instruments for flow and weight gives not just accuracy but also a manually operational system in the event of a computer crash which while rare causes chaos if it does happen.  The graphics on the PC screen depict the plant status in real time.

Collaboration with clients

Mitchell’s used their own skilled engineers to assemble the system hardware.  This consisted of weigh hoppers and the pumps and valves and electrical switch gear. The hardware was then monitored and controlled by Synectic’s SY005 weighing batch controllers and flow meter measurement by Synectic’s SY015 which controlled the plant. The portacabin it was housed in was being spray painted while we were commissioning it.

Having built the compact plant in one of Mitchell’s quarries in Hertfordshire Pat Mitchell and Alan Moran loaded the whole plant onto one of their own lo-loaders and transported it to Ireland. Synectic’s engineers enjoyed the trip to complete the commissioning and calibration on the picturesque site overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. An evening or two in the local bar with the inimitable Pat Mitchell added greatly to the pleasure of this particular job.

Your Benefits

The benefit of working with Synectic for this company was the flexibility to use their own engineers up the point where they needed our skills. The savings they made and the ability to build to their specification was of paramount importance to them. If you are an original equipment manufacturer or an end user with engineering skills in house we can work with you provide the solutions that give you the product that you need.

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