Data acquisition for F1 cars

Strain, stress and force measurements specialists for motor sport application


Data acquisition in real time from an F1 car as it screams around a Grand Prix circuit is absolutely crucial.  When fractions of a second count they need accurate and fast. High temperature and high vibration are the norm.  Small size and weight are critical and regulations regarding connectivity limits choice and the choice for one our favourite team for the last seven seasons has been Synectic strain gauge amplifiers. New Engines, new tyres new nose cones, same electronic strain gauge measurement form our company supplying the critical data that enables the engineers to perfectly balance these supercars.

Our Solution

Formula one is big business and it is all about sponsorship. So when you want to shout about what you have done and for whom, to prove your worth to the other teams, it proves difficult. So this is a tricky one.  As any one who knows any thing about motor sport will tell you. What we can tell you is that “The Measurements Group” ” Vishay” -strain gauge components for formula one racing teams and they recommend Synectic Design for customised signal conditioning. The last seven seasons we have been watching Grand Prix with renewed interest. The relationship between the formula 1 teams sensors engineers and our design team working closely together enabled them to ensure the perfect product for this low volume but hugely significant part of the cars structure.

Your Benefits

The FIA have also been using instruments incorporating our in cell amplifiers to ensure compliance for years. Some teams use our amplifiers inside load cells without even knowing  they are there. Our products embedded in another suppliers product giving them that all important measurement data that they need to adjust and respond to changing conditions.