Emmisions monitoring and control

Monitoring and controlling emmissions to air in incinerator plant.


Pollution monitoring and emission control

A requirement to measure the output from furnaces to ensure they comply with environmental health regulations. A company involved in disposing of animal carcasses after the foot and mouth outbreak, needed to monitor the temperature along with the level of carbon monoxide and oxygen in the furnaces. An additional requirement to ensure that emmissions to air where within acceptable limits. The system was logging levels and average concentrations of oxygen and carbon monoxide for reference when required.  The mathematical calculations had to be submitted to the environment agency to ensure that all data met their stringent criteria and were secure and not vulnerable of tampering.

Our Solution

Synectic’s SY019 versatile I/O modules were fitted. With custom software embedded in the microprocessor controlled units ensured the integrity of the data. With analogue inputs and switch inputs the SY019 was ideal for the application as 4-20mA signals from sensors were used as inputs to the I/O module to monitor temperature, Oxygen and carbon monoxide levels.
With the switch and relay outputs available additional alarm facilities and triggers were provided to indicate warnings of low oxygen levels or high carbon monoxide levels. All data was processed and analysed in the intelligent unit and alarms triggered and data recorded.

Your Benefits

  1. Robust units which made installation easy, (Din rail mount I/O modules)

  2. Accuracy

  3. Incorruptable Data Logging

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