Feedback loop System


To determine the weight of a non-woven material ensuring consistency of each material roll.

Our Solution

Non-woven textile material used as insulation material was required to be weighed to ensure consistency in weight.

A pair of load cells and an SY046 amplifier was used for this application, the weight of the correct thickness of the material was initially determined. Depending on the material thickness, weight and the speed of spin for rolling the material was determined. If the material was therefore heavy then the spin was slowed and vice versa to compress the material to same weight and thickness.

Your Benefits

With the aid of the amplifier a feedback loop system is created, so spinning speed adjusts with respect to material thickness and weight.

The problem with this system was that the material was so light and the plate and rollers formed a large proportion of the weight on the load cells.  Using our SY046 amplifier we were able to shift the measuring window taking full advantage of the resolution of the cells which were capable of weighing a much higher weight than the weight of the material, which is what we were interested in. This was just a few grams in 40 kg.

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