Formula 1 Amplifiers



In 2007 Formula 1 team asked us for tiny Amplifiers that can fit inside a pocket in a load cell or other strain gauged part. 7 seasons later they are going from strength to strength

Our Solution

Synectic design supplied the teams sensor specialists with amplifiers on a very thin high temperature grade circuit board they were designed for a Formula 1 racing car.  They need to withstand temperatures of up to 150 Degrees C and extreme vibration as they feed the measurements into the telemetry system that enables adjustments to the cars set up as it speeds around the Grand prix circuits.

Your Benefits

In-cell amplifiers remove the possibility of electrical noise interfering with the millivolt signals generated by strain gauges, the integrity of the signals is vital to the accuracy of the data transmitted.  Placing an amplifier inside a pocket in the cell is the best possible way of removing the chance of noise degrading the signal.