Future Proofed Waste Management System


The packaging waste regulations forced companies to review the processes they used for material handling.  A large cardboard carton manufacturer recognised that even without this statutory obligation, identifying sources of waste made a lot of sense.  If they identified the source of the waste they could remedy the faults and reduce both the cost of disposal and the amount of material they needed to purchase.

Our Solution

Using our SY015 batch controller, a system was put together to weigh waste disposed of by each of the departments in the company. The system was activated by using an electronic key with a unique identification and only when the waste has been weighed and the reason for disposal entered will the Synectic controller start the shredder. With RS232 communication mode which was included on the controller the logged data could be downloaded from the controller to a PC.  The system included simple control software which enabled the manager to allocate keys.

Your Benefits

Within days it was realised that cartons that had been fully processed were being lost at the end of the line through things like glue running out.  Sensors were installed to prevent that scenario.  Large amounts of cardboard miss cut and too small for the original job were still useable for other applications even if only packaging their own packaging instead of using “new” board.  The system has been running beautifully since 2006 and  the future proofed system has recently been assimilated into the companies IT network to enable access to the data to all departmental managers. December 2013

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