Monitoring & Control instrumentation for Auto-Sport fuel rig



Shell Global required a fuel delivery system independent of a vehicle or engine to demonstrate Shell V-Power fuel. The system requirements were a PC controlled unit with user friendly PC software with good graphics plus remote handheld control unit.  The need for an aesthetically pleasing product came only slightly after the vital feature of safety. Shell was using this equipment to sell V Power fuel at the most prestigious motor sports events around the globe.

Our Solution

The design was to accommodate two fuel variants, ‘V Power’ plus a competitive brand.  A spill tank and system allows the user to change the fuel types quickly and easily. The electromechanical design By Integral Power Train, was to provide external fuel feed to the engine of any performance car on a rolling road. The rig incorporated monitoring off low, temperature and pressure, with the ability to isolate or close down the system or even switch in fire extinguishers in the event of a fire.  In short every device necessary to ensure the safety of the portable unit as it handled extremely combustible high octane fuel.

A robust hand-held control unit was designed for the purpose of communicating with a low power touch screen PC  which controlled the switching between V Power and a comparable fuel type; the Handheld unit, PC control software along with SY019 intelligent control unit as a system portrayed characteristics of accuracy, low cost design, ease to use, fail safe measures and minimal susceptibility to  interference from electrical and radio signals which are a feature of motor sport environments.

Your Benifits

Communication between the handheld unit and main touch screen control system utilised Bluetooth technology. The PC control software used Windows operating system with excellent graphics.

The fuel rig met all expectations of Shell’s engineers the feedback included the comment “the rig is simple to use, quiet and unobtrusive. This belies the complexity of the operation controls and safety monitoring systems which were a mammoth task to develop! ”

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