Wave Energy

Requirement for Wave Energy

An alternative energy solution provider Ocean Power delivery is a UK company specialising in converting wave energy into electricity.  They required instrumentation to measure the strains on their floating structure that converts the movement of wave energy into power that can be fed into Portugal’s national grid.  Their initial requirement was for a strain gauge amplifier that was not affected by electromagnetic noise from the power cables running through the structure and that would fit in a small space. For their early trials they used our Standard SY011 with 4-20mA output. That worked really well, the only problem was that the zero offset from strain gauges shifted over time as the parts of the metal structure were stressed.  The engineers realised that access to re-trim the zero was awkward, the SY011 was trimmable with a screwdriver,this was not a problem on land.  It was not ideal when the structure is floating on the waves off the coast of Portugal.  See the video of the wave farm by clicking here. 


A new amplifier was designed so that the alternative energy provider could  remotely zero the SY046 digital tare amplifier. This is achieved by digitising the measured signal using high resolution ADC(24bit), applying a digital tare then converting back to an analogue output. The amplifier is robust and can be packaged to meet user specific requirements. This amplifier is now available in our standard range.

Your Benefits

1. Configurable to remotely tare by shorting the tare input to 0V or by applying a DC voltage.

2. The tare value can either be 4mA or 12mA.

3. Compact design with high efficiency power supply allowing operation over a wide supply voltage of 9-30V DC.

4. Can be specified with digital gain allowing measurement in systems with high residual weight.

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