• Bombardier – Life time stress tests on fighter planes

    A29B Super Tucano structural wing fuselage fatigue test. Photo Courtesy Brazilian Airforce Requirements To ensure the continuing safety of the Super Tucano fighter plane it needed simulated stress tests on the structure. Solution A rig similar to that pictured above  was built by Bombardier’s engineers in Belfast to place cyclic tension and compression forces on the […]

  • Teddy Floppy ears

          Warsaw University use our SY046 amplifiers in a special test-bed for testing the characteristics of electric propulsions designed for the UAVs. Above (top right) is a photo of their test-bed. They utilize the results of those testing in such a plane like this one shown in the picture. This is their ULS-2 “Uszatek”, which Miroslaw […]

  • Aerospace Testing Essentials