Alternative Energy

  • Stress and Strain Detection on Alternative Energy Structures

      Requirements Often our customers come to us with a straight forward requirement to measure the stresses and strains on their mechanical structures as the elements that they are using to extract energy take their toll on Wind turbines or Wave barrages. Solution Sometimes they come to us with their innovative patentable ideas and we […]

  • Buffeted by the winds, battered by the waves and still going strong

  • Emmisions monitoring and control

    Requirements Pollution monitoring and emission control A requirement to measure the output from furnaces to ensure they comply with environmental health regulations. A company involved in disposing of animal carcasses after the foot and mouth outbreak, needed to monitor the temperature along with the level of carbon monoxide and oxygen in the furnaces. An additional requirement to […]

  • Wave Energy

    Requirement for Wave Energy An alternative energy solution provider Ocean Power delivery is a UK company specialising in converting wave energy into electricity.  They required instrumentation to measure the strains on their floating structure that converts the movement of wave energy into power that can be fed into Portugal’s national grid.  Their initial requirement was […]