• A small, but vital, part of a winning formula

  • Monitoring & Control instrumentation for Auto-Sport fuel rig

      Requirements Shell Global required a fuel delivery system independent of a vehicle or engine to demonstrate Shell V-Power fuel. The system requirements were a PC controlled unit with user friendly PC software with good graphics plus remote handheld control unit.  The need for an aesthetically pleasing product came only slightly after the vital feature of safety. Shell was […]

  • Data acquisition for F1 cars

    Requirement Data acquisition in real time from an F1 car as it screams around a Grand Prix circuit is absolutely crucial.  When fractions of a second count they need accurate and fast. High temperature and high vibration are the norm.  Small size and weight are critical and regulations regarding connectivity limits choice and the choice for […]

  • Amplifiers for Automotive

    Requirement Signal conditioning required for automotive applications with characteristic features of high stability, low operating voltage and miniature size. Add to this the need to operate with high temperatures and considerable levels of vibration.  Specially developed products are used widely in production processes as well as in the research and development process for automotive sport. Solution […]