The fight for water loss control is never ending. The Romans were aware of water leakage problems, and Sextus Julius Frontinus, water commissioner to Rome, used a crude measuring device to assess losses in the system. Fortunately for today’s water leakage detection companies a range of good devices have been developed to assist them in protecting our water from being wasted.
A water leakage detection system detects the leaks in the plumbing system using a leak detector. It is an instrument of great importance as it helps in saving water as well as saving the environment.
Synectic electronics has worked with major water leakage detection companies to ensure a more proficient capability of spotting leaks anywhere. We here at Synectic understand that the sole purpose of leakage detectors on pipelines is to get the correct information about any leakage, so that it can be fixed timely and that this information covers long distances that can be thousands of miles.
Our pulse splitter has always been of a great value to water leakage detection systems. It allows two or more pulse counter devices to be connected to one flow meter pulse output for monitoring and detection. The limited pulse frequency of the passive input prevents switch bounce from reed contacts. A solid state, electrically isolated and non-polarized outputs prevents contention between devices connected at the output that may have different input voltage switching requirements (PLCs or Data loggers)
But that wasn’t enough for Synectic; we decided to develop a newer version of pulse splitters “Submersible pulse splitter” (SY037) . It has all the functions of SY027 ( Pulse splitter) in an IP65 sealed case so that it can be suitable for rough outdoors conditions and can be safely exposed to fluids.
As individuals we may not be able to prevent water wars, but we can make sure that we aren’t wasting our water.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”