New Dynamic FFR Frequency Monitor.

Electricity Frequency Meter
SD037 FFR Frequency Monitor

We are excited to be promoting two new products for August.

We are offering a faster version of our SD037. This product has been approved and used by Limejump and Upside Energy just to mention a couple and, we are now ready to promote this onto our website for purchasing.

The SD037 FFR is a 20Hz dynamic fast update version of the standard SD037 as widely used in the industry. It is a dynamic line frequency monitor that enables high speed, high accuracy, frequency monitoring even with high levels of harmonic noise.

The unit monitors the frequency of a mains voltage signal and reports the value, on demand, via an RS232, RS485 using either simple ASCII commands or Modbus protocol.

The SD037 meets National Grid’s  FFR demands, the user can switch assets either on or off as it responds to a frequency reading in less than 50msecs with an accuracy of 3 decimal places, as opposed to our standard version at 90msecs.

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