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Our specialist industrial products have been designed, produced and tailored to your requirements.

At Synectic Electronics we have extensive experience of working on large aerospace, energy automotive, construction and education projects. Our range of products enable top speed, high accuracy and frequency monitoring even for harmonic noise. The specialist devices can measure stress and strains of industrial structures through industrial instrumentation devices. Our engineers have the expert knowledge in the analogue and digital electronics to bring your projects to life.

No matter how specialist your project is we can produce and provide service that fits your requirements. Our products are affordably priced and come with the technical help from advisors, wherever you are based in the UK or around the World.

For assistance with buying our quality devices call our sales team on +44 (0)1204 247995 or email

  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Building management specialists have been utilising Synectic's meter splitting devices for 2 decades to enable them to take measurements for billing and a separate identical stream of data for controlling and managing energy usage. Demand side energy management DSR is the new Green technology and we have developed our frequency monitor specifically for this application. The SD037 meets the requirements of the National grid and most of  the UK's  aggregators are using it on clients' sites.  Battery storage developers are using it in their research and development.
  • Flow Controllers

    Flow Controllers

    We make displays and batch flow controllers for use in flow measurement and batch processing applications.  Easy to programme for the control and automation of batching processes such as mixing and blending liquids.  We also make a range of signal convertors to take meter signals and match them to the next instrument in your process control system.
  • Flow Meters

    Flow Meters

    We offer a range of top quality flow meters alongside our flow instrumentation.  This enables us to supply the items calibrated to one another to simplify installation.  If you do not see what you need ask us.  We can set about sourcing the right meter for you.
  • Load Cell Amplifiers

    Load Cell Amplifiers

    Load cell amplifiers (strain gauge amplifiers)enable transducer manufacturers, systems builders and component makers to capture the millivolt signals and convert them to a stable use-able electronic signal that is not going to be corrupted by the extraneous noise in the environment they are placed in. Synectic's amplifiers range from tiny units that can be encased within a component like a load cell or a car part. They can be in slim packaging ideal for panel builders or in robust enclosures for in dirty and challenging environments like weighbridges or food and chemical plants. Most are designed to work with a full wheatstone bridge but we also have bridge completion units so ask us.
  • Load Cells

    Load Cells

  • Metering


  • Pulse Splitters

    Pulse Splitters

  • Signal Converters

    Signal Converters

  • Optional-Accessories


    Accessories that you might want to buy to complement your Synectic product.