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  • Load Cell Amplifiers

    Load Cell Amplifiers

    Load cell amplifiers fall into two categories; Analogue output and digital output.  Available in din rail mounting or sealed wall mounting, some are  available as a built PCB which enabled original equipment manufacturers eg. load cell , pressure gauge etc. to install them within their transducers or machine even mounting them on another circuit.  A load cell amplifier can also be used to condition the signals from strain gauges.  Both use wheatstone bridges, however not all strain gauged devices have a full bridge.  We can offer amplifiers with a bridge completion circuit feel free to talk to us. Analogue output device families are the SY011, SY018, SY038, SY028.  Digital amplifiers are SY016, SY034, SY036 and SY047.  The SY046 is a hybrid which enables a digital signal to remotely re zero the unit to take account for zero drift over time. Synectic designs and manufactures our devices here in the UK we are happy to look at bespoke options for you.  That is how our range has grown.
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