Weight Display & Control

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  • load cell junction box

    SY-JUNCTION-IP67 Load Cell Junction Box

    £92.93 (+VAT)
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  • Flow Batch Controller

    SY005 Load Cell Display Batch Weight Controller

    £525.00 (+VAT)
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  • process controller

    SY017 Recipe Batch Controller for weight and flow control

    From: £1,700.00 (+VAT)

    Recipe batch controller store 99 recipes. Ingredients can be weighed, flow meter measured, added by hand or timed. Linked to a PC you can edit store and access  an infinite number of recipes. The PC can also store details of each batch.  The communications also allow for batch ticket printing. Logging batch records in the unit if it is a stand alone system for later interrogation is also an option.

  • Data acquisition module

    SY019 Data acquisition module with I/O

    From: £269.00 (+VAT)

    SY019 Data acquisition module with I/O

  • Portable Load Meter

    SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger

    From: £700.00 (+VAT)

    SY021 Portable Load Meter Logger

  • Panel Mount load Indicator

    SY025 Transducer Indicator

    £198.00 (+VAT)
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  • Dual Channel Desk Top Load Meter

    SY031 Dual Channel Desk Top Load Meter

    From: £552.83 (+VAT)
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  • Portable Digital Load Meter

    SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter +/-4.5 Digit

    £175.00 (+VAT)
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  • Large industrial weight display

    SY033 Large Industrial Weight Display

    £305.00 (+VAT)
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  • 24 Bit Weight Indicator

    SY035 -24 bit Weight Indicator

    £190.00 (+VAT)
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  • SY040 Load Cell Simulator

    £499.00 (+VAT)
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  • Weight Indicator

    SY045 Weight Indicator- Battery-Loop Power

    From: £181.62 (+VAT)
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