Synectic Team In London

It is a pleasure to invest your time and effort for a company that appreciates your toil and rewards all your hard work by re-investing straight back in you.
Last month the Synectic went on a trip to London as an award for the overwhelming performance throughout the year.
The trip was terrific the staff and their guests visited the British Museum, where  Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Asian cultures all meet in one place. (Omar liked the Egyptian bit) The Synectic team also had a chance to witness the changing of the guard in Buckingham Palace; the ceremony that still formally respects The UK’s own long-standing traditions without feeling too set in its way.
The highlight of the trip has to be the science museum, where our own load cell amplifiers have been working for 12 years, witnessing our expertise in load cells and load cell amplifiers and efficiently demonstrating the functions of load cells in an interactive way.
On the last day a lot of shopping took place, and the team returned to Bolton with a lot of shoes (Marion and Adrienne) and gifts and wonderful memories.
All of the Synectic team would like to take a moment to declare the heart-felt gratitude that we feel toward our gracious holiday hosts: Adrienne and Brian Tonge-
Our Jobs provide us with the dignity of labour
And you dignify our working day. Thank You.
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