The small piece of kit that’s helping a retail giant feel secure

Leading supermarket, Sainsbury’s is worried enough about the UK’s energy security to be doing something about it. As a major consumer of electricity, its usage during times of peak demand can adversely affect the power available on the grid.  The business simply isn’t prepared to run the risk or suffer the potential costs of a blackout and is tackling its fears proactively.

The approach involves two key strategies. Firstly, the business is investing in the production of biogas from food waste. The gas produced is fed back into the national grid, and an equivalent quantity of gas is used to supply Sainsbury’s own power plants. Already ten stores have gas-fired generators and another half-dozen will be in operation before the end of this year. The second strategy is the use of demand-side energy management. The business’s heating and ventilation systems have been adapted, using smart devices, to cope with fluctuating grid supply and demand.

Both strategies will save the supermarket money, but they will also contribute to the attainment of its ambitious sustainability targets.  Sainsbury’s Property Director summed things up:

-By introducing this technology, we reduce our own energy costs, cut the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels, and reduce our CO2 emissions.

With its strategies in place, the retail giant can sleep a little easier, but the business hasn’t done it without help. They’ve relied on expert suppliers and engineers to deliver the solution. We’re proud to say that part of the solution is a Synectic product. Our SD037 frequency monitor, with its inbuilt, 3-pole, low-pass Bessel filter, is widely used in demand-side energy management and Sainsbury’s are using it. We’ve always believed that the SD037 is one of the best pieces of kit available, and even though it’s something you’re never likely to find on the supermarket’s shelves, we’re happy to be doing our bit in the background.

For more information about the SD037 or any Synectic product visit or call 01204 819021.

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