Worldwide sales take Synectic Back to School

It’s often said that you only stop learning when you are 6 feet under, and this September everyone in the Synectic offices felt a definite affinity for those returning to education at the end of the summer vacation.

For us, September was definitely “Back to School”, as we shipped our products to over 10 countries in the space of a month, with products going to customers from Abu Dhabi to the USA, and many places in between.

But as well as Geography, the curriculum covered many other disciplines including:

Economics – Not only did orders come in in many currencies (did you know that the currency in Hungary is the Hungarian forint?!) but in some cases orders were placed without specifying one. Adding problem solving and maths to the agenda.

If someone places an order for 3400 currency units, and the order is for 6 products costing £60 each, what is the exchange rate?

I am sure I saw this question on a maths paper recently!

Politics – Should that order from Slovenia incur VAT? And at what rate? Yes Slovenia is in the EU, so VAT should be charged at 20% unless they supply a VAT number. Well, that’s the situation till the end of the month at least!

Marketing – A regular question we ask when talking about marketing is: what sectors do we serve? Well based on last months orders, the answer would be:

  • Academia
  • Aerospace
  • Crematorium maintenance
  • Electrical distributors
  • Energy Aggregators
  • Horticulture (mushrooms to be specific)
  • Industrial control software specialist
  • Lift overload monitoring
  • Marine engineers
  • Rivers Authority
  • Vehicle rental (Loler testing)
  • Water suppliers
  • Weight/ load cell manufacturers.

Just to name the ones we could identify. So the question has to be:

“What do all these industries have in common?

The answer – and the reason they came to Synectic:

They need accurate measurement in a format they and their kit can understand.

And that’s what we do at Synectic. We take an input signal and then we amplify it, convert it, split it, display it, multiply or divide, limit it, stop it or start it. Allowing any two systems to work together no matter what “languages” they speak.

We learned a lot at Synectic this week, but Engineering and  Languages were not on the curriculum, as that is where our expertise lies.

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